Citizens Coalition to Save Save
Silver Star Park
Sierra Club of Canada
Western Canada Wilderness Committee
West Coast Environmental Law
working to protect & restore western
watersheds & wildlife. U.S.
Ecojustice (formerly Sierra Legal Defence)
National Public Lands Grazing
Granby Wilderness Society BLOG
Grasslands Conservation Council of B.C.
Christina Lake Stewardship Society
Forest & Range Ministry
B.C. Gov't
"FREP" Forest & Range Evaluation
Program. B.C. Gov't
Forest Practices Board of B.C.
Ministry of Environment, Water
Stewardship Division
Save our Rivers org
Info on Run of River projects and problems
Ecological Footprint:
how many worlds needed to support current consumption ?
builds on concept of Mathis Wackernagel & William Rees of UBC
Uranium free kootenay boundary org
misc articles and news
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